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Miracle of the Moon

Miracle of the Moon

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This painting embodies the profound symbolism of the miraculous moment when our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW split the moon in half—a divine event depicted with utmost reverence. Just as recounted in the Quran (54:1-2), "The Hour has come near, and the moon has split [in two]." This artwork captures the celestial spectacle where one half graced Mount Abu Qubais, and the other adorned Mount Quayqian. Delve into the sacred narrative and witness the ethereal beauty that echoes the miraculous chapter of our history.

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"I ordered a custom piece from Naeema to gift to my mum. Naeema's attention to detail, passion and perfectionism is reflected in her work and the whole process from discussing the art to ordering and picking up was so smooth and transparent! Definitely looking forward to ordering more from Naeema soon!

- Faaiza K

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