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Dhikr (Zikr) in Arabic means to “remind oneself” and it consists of repeating Allah’s (God’s) name as a form of Remembrance. Dhikr can also be described as a form of spiritual meditation as it helps to block out negative thoughts and emotions and in turn guides you to fully focus your mind on Allah (swt), leaving an instant feeling of calm over one’s mind and body.

The most common dhikr are SubhanAllah (praise be to God); Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God or “thank God”); and AllahuAkbar (God is most great). 

Set of three paintings.

Acrylic on 12 inch x 24 inch canvas (30.5 cm x 70 cm)

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"I ordered a custom piece from Naeema to gift to my mum. Naeema's attention to detail, passion and perfectionism is reflected in her work and the whole process from discussing the art to ordering and picking up was so smooth and transparent! Definitely looking forward to ordering more from Naeema soon!

- Faaiza K

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